(since 2005) Sheltering the city from musical mediocrity?

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Chilled Produce is a voluntary community arts
set up to support and promote 'local music
from around the world'
as well as other activities. We
organise events for the community featuring the community.

Our work has involved organising free festivals, gigs and fundraising club nights, offering advice and support to other groups and collaborations with other community organisations.

Click here for our full Aims and Objectives.

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April’s main focuses are:

Live Music Wanted!
Chilled Produce DJ D? C.I.? 's Blog for last month.

Next monthly Website update will Monday May 6th.

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Find out about our history and previous projects in 2005, 2006,
2007, 2009 and 2010. Also find out about Acts we’ve worked with.

Click here if you'd like info on setting up a voluntary organisation
and getting funding.
Click here if you'd like to know how to organise events like ours.

Website updated Monday April 1st.

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